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Explore with every single next step

Put on Vasky

Vasky unite quality, function and pure lines. Cuts are as easy as the decision to set off for a journey and explore. They are created for everyone who wants to live in present. To be here and now. Whether we are going the way many people had walked before us, or we are paving our own way.

“Created to explore remote parts of forests as well as city boulevards.”

A year had quickly passed and so we took everything that happened to us and what inspired us and out of these experiences we created a new collection, so put them on and show them the world!

Uncover winter collection

Protects from cold and traps of journeys to forests and city jungles. We have created a winter collection which offers models for both cities and countrysides. Put Vasky on and go to meet your new experiences. In shoes prepared to protect you from weather and terrain traps.

Explore summer collection

Do you want to design your own Vasky?

Combine leather, sewing and shoe sole to your liking. What your Vasky will look like is up to you. As well as the direction which you and your shoes will go in.

Find out how to do it

Thank you for creating Vasky with us


Vasky to whole world

Together we have visited 0 countries

Will have Vasky walked all around the world? Add your steps and let us know where you went with Vasky.

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