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Do you have an idea or a clear vision of your Vasky design? Let's hear it!

Thanks to the possibilities of our workshop and freedom given to us by the fact that we sew Vasky ourselves, we can fulfil your vision of ideal shoes. It is possible to freely combine colours, cuts and other details. It depends on you what your Vasky will look like, for us it is important that they will reflect your personality and that they will support you with every step you take.

So I can choose anything I want?

Almost. You can choose from all the option we have in our workshop and combine them at will until your unique Vasky are made. You can freely create your own shoes or change the details of any model from what we offer.

Let's do it

1. Choose cuts and shapes

Take a look at our offer of shoes and choose the ones that have the best cuts for you. We will start from this model and you will choose leather and other details, which are possible to change at your shoes.

2. Choose leather

Send us your ideas about colour and leather design. If you are down the earth or choose something more wild, it will be up to you. We will find out if we can fulfil your wishes and we will get back to you.

To change colour we will add 350CZK

3. Let's get down to choosing shoe soles

To city or to countryside? This or that one? The decision will not be easy, but you can choose from a few shapes and high patterns. Take a look at shoes from our offer and let us know which shoe soles you like the most.

Adjusting shoe soles cost 350CZK

4. Tune the sewing

A small detail but a huge impact on the design of your shoes - the colour of sewing

If you choose your own sewing, it will cost 150CZK

Have you decided? Just send us a message and we will make your own Vasky