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Weatherproof insole

Insole is an inner part of a shoe, which during walking is beneath your foot. When you are filling in your order, you have the option to add weatherproof insole, which means that instead of a typical smooth insole we will sew in a sole with fur to ensure ground frosts do not get through

Natural ram

If you know you will wear your shoes into severe frosts or you plan to wade through snow or you are planning to go north, we recommend to add this extra weatherproofing. There is inside fur on every side of the shoes and it will make your feet feel incredibly comfortable.

Synthetic ram

Fur that will soften every single your step and will provide you with cold protection even during mountain expedition or frosty night. If you expect severe winter and you do not want your smile to be frozen too, add this furt to your shoes in the first step of your order.

Textile weatherproof

If you are looking for the golden middle way between shoes in basic version and with shoes with fur, choose this textile weatherproofing. It is not as soft as fur, but it will protect you from winter.