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Story of Vasky

During high school, Vašek found out that there are only few shoes that look good and are resistable. He built on the fact that he comes from Zlín with a strong shoemaking tradition and decided to start producing his own models. And so he exchanged running on athletic tracks for building a brand that offers exactly what he was looking for. High-quality shoes you know who made them and what they are made of, and you can rely on everytime you travel.

New approach to tradition

Our cuts come from traditional work shoes, bowling shoes or for example pioneers. But we have freed ourselves from all the excess details, we adjusted everything according to our own taste and the results are Vasky. Simple and sharp lines, minimalist looks and unsual color combinations. What we have preserved is the quality of design and quality of stitching around the shoe circumference, which is crucial for the durability and resistance.

“Created for everyone who are not affraid to go towards new experiences”

From Zlin's workshop to the whole world

The characteristics of our shoes are appreciated by those who make frequent trips and travel all over the world and their regions. We put our own desire for discovering and traveling into Vasky shoes, so even they want to travel all around the world. We hope that they will make a great company during your adventures and experiences, wherever you go. We dream that one day they will have traveled all over the world.

Václav Staněk Founder

Nebojí se velkých cílů a neztrácí velké oči. Jeho snem je dostat Vasky do celého světa a přesvědčit lidi o tom, že regionální materiály a poctivá práce jsou něco, čeho bychom si měli vážit každým dnem i nocí.
Tomáš Karlík
Orders and production

Tom is the key link between production and you. He fulfils your individual requirements, passes your wishes to the shoemakers at our workshop and responds to your questions. He just has it all under his thumb. Or under shoe soles? +420 731 653 825
Jiří Henčl
Community care

Jirka dělá vše pro to, abyste si u nás ve zlínské kanceláři vybrali boty přesně pro Vás.

“Vasky in hearts and on feet”

Lucie Urban
Lucie Urban

Lucie has been with Vasky from the first moment or rather from the first photo. She was a classmate with Vašek and it is without doubt that thanks to her, Vasky are loved by many people from the first sight.
Lucie Urban

Our shoemakers

Each pair is created approximately by 7 people. Without them and their experiences Vasky could not exist.